Proper care for your Black Timber Call will not only prolong the life of your investment, it will ensure your call performs consistently and at its peak in the field or in competition.

Wooden Calls


We recommend taking wood calls apart after a days use to dry. This will keep calls from swelling together and becoming stuck. 


Many of our wood calls utilize a oil/wax finish. We offer one free refinishing of these calls a year. Just send it in after the season and we will buff it up with a new coat of wax and have it looking good as new.

Acrylic Calls


Acrylic calls should be washed inside and out after the season. Please use warm soapy water or an ammonia free glass cleaner. Do not use any product containing alcohol as it may cause crazing in the acrylic.

O-Ring Care


Our calls utilize an O-ring fit for a tight, secure barrel to insert connection. If a call is too tight we recommend lubricating the o-ring with silicone plumbers grease. It is a non-petroleum based product that won't cause the o-ring to swell.